How to start with Hooping?

Do you like hooping and want to start?


How to start with Hooping?

Do you like hooping and want to start? Below you will find some information that may be useful to you at the beginning:

Suitable hoop
For starters, the best choice is the so-called fitness hoop weighing around 500g and with a diameter of 95-100 cm depending on your size. For Hula Hoop Dance, I recommend choosing the dance type hoop or Polypro.

Exercise site
It is best to practice outside on the grass (in the park, in the garden, ..). If you exercise on a hard outdoor surface, expect that you can scratch the hoop more.

For exercise at home, a space of about 2 meters around you is enough.

Sequence principle
Just like when you build a house, you build it from the ground up, not from the roof. A similar principle applies in hooping. First, you need to master the basic exercises on which you will build and continue with more advanced exercises (eg circling at the waist & gt; on the chest).

Muscle and physical adaptation
You may need more time and physical training to master some of the exercises and tricks – strengthening your muscles and opening your body. This is natural because the body does not have to be used to this form of movement and needs to be helped to adapt.

Learning process
Some exercises and tricks will be easy for you, for others you can sweat a lot before you reach the desired goal. When you feel frustrated and helpless (“I’m completely incompetent”, “I can’t do this,” etc.) and you want to give it up, it’s a good idea to stop for a while, maybe even stop training this exercise / trick altogether, and instead, practice what you already manage, lift your spirits and confidence, and return to training for more advanced exercises later.

Daily practice
The best way to improve in hooping is to exercise regularly every day (even 5 minutes count!).

Contusions belong to hooping, especially in the beginning or after a longer break, when the body is not used to pressure around the waist (in the area of ​​the hip protrusion) or on the hands, and so bruising may occur. These usually stop forming after the first healing.

Although hooping is a very free activity, it is necessary to learn the basic technique of how to exercise with a hoop. For tricks, technique is directly necessary.

Hoop Dance
Anyone can really dance. All you have to do is relax to the rhythm of circling and do whatever comes to mind. Hoop is a great dance partner in this, which will only allow you to keep it in rhythm (otherwise it will fall to the ground).

Hoop care
Do you want the hoop to last you a long time? Read how to do this in this article.