Considering the "Spun Summer" 2021

This summer was marked for the first time by hooping workshops at various festivals, weekend stays and other events, including free training in the park in Prague. Let’s take a look at what the summer season 2021 was like.

roztocene leto s Martinou

Spun summer 2021

This summer was a breakthrough. It was my first festival hooping season … and not only that. The whole summer was marked by various events, where the Hula hoop workshop was a pleasant diversion.

  • Regular Tuesday hooping lessons in the park Folimanka in Prague
  • Hooping workshop at the Relaxation stay with Věra Sirotková in the Novohradské Mountains
  • Children’s Hula hoop workshop at the D.A.R. suburban dance camp
  • Hula hoop workshop at Art Camp Vimperk
  • All-day hooping workshop at the Valcha campsite
  • Hula hoop workshop as part of the accompanying program at the weekend Meditation by Voice with Dalibor Neuwirt
  • Divine festival
  • Hula hoop workshop at the city event “Sport for Life” in Neratovice
  • Hula hoop workshops on the weekend stay of Music Therapy with Dalibor Neuwirt
The hooping events are not over with the summer season 🙂
In November 2021 we will have a big all-day HOOPING INSPIRATION DAY (November 6) in Prague and the workshop Hooping Tasting (November 12) in Lomnice n. Pop. If you are interested, do not hesitate to log in. I look forward to see you.