Want to enjoy a fun afternoon with hoops and other hoopers? The first joint HOOPING FLASH MOB in the center of Prague awaits us in the spring! Don’t hesitate and join us 🙂


Invitation to Hula hoop FLASH MOB in the center of Prague spring 2022

What is FLASH MOB?

FLASH MOB is a fun event where a group of people “secretly” gather in a pre-arranged public place and perform unexpectedly. Whether it’s dancing, singing, or playing musical instruments.


An event that we are preparing together with Bára and Petra as part of our joint hooping project ‘In the Circle’.

It is a hooping “performance”, in which we rehearse (online) a simple choreography suitable for beginners, and which we then dance in the center of Prague at a pre-arranged placeFLASH MOB is magical in that almost no one knows about it in advance, so it’s a big surprise for those who happen to see it.

The main purpose is to enjoy it and entertain passers-by

Where can I find more information?

We are currently planning an event, if you want to take an active part, please join this FACEBOOK GROUP where we are working on the details.

If you want to come see, please wait for more information.

You can see what such a flash mob looks like in the video.