Discover the joy of Hula Hoop

Do you want to have a lot of fun while moving your body? Mite Hoop and discover the joy of Hula Hoop!

Lose weight

Hooping is an aerobic exercise that helps with weight loss and strengthens the whole body.

You will shine

Hooping increases self-confidence, physical attractiveness and life energy.

Have fun

Hula hoop evokes pleasant feelings, promotes playfulness and calms emotions and mind.

What is your Hula Hoop journey?

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Certified Hoop Dance instructor

HoopLady Martina

I enjoy spreading hooping awareness and opening the gates to the world of playfulness and joy of Hula Hoop.

Hooping on the waist has huge benefits for body and soul. It helps to relieve stress and excess tension, improves mood, strengthens especially the muscles of the middle body, helps to lose weight, etc. I perceive as my mission to spread awareness of this beneficial movement.

More about my hoop journey here.

Dance instructor (retraining course accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic, certificate for the expert Dance coach – dance master)

Hoopnotica Certified Teacher (teaching courses HoopDance 1, HoopDance 2 and HoopFit 1)

Hoop Love Coach (Hooping Online Certified Teacher Training Program)

Playfulness, fun, relaxation, spontaneity.

The courage to step out of your shadow and know yourself.

Authenticity and nothing to play with. Be unique, authentic and yourself.

Humility and acceptance that not everything goes right away.

Inspiration for others on their own journey to each other, to fun, to their own creation and movement.

Infinite number of styles. Find your own style.

Grace, charm, beauty, grace, joy, passion, femininity.


Workshop for adults

Hula hoop dance workshop is suitable as an accompanying program at festivals, relaxation, meditation, yoga stays, corporate teambuildings, etc.




Kids workshop

Suitable for festivals, city and school events, suburban camps, birthday parties or other events for children.




Individual consultations

Do you need help training your dream trick, improving your dance flow or have you just discovered the world of Hula Hoop and want to try different types of hoops before you buy your own?

I will be happy to support you on your own journey!

News from Hoop Dance blog

In November 2021, together with hooping teachers Petra and Bára, we organized the first HOOPING INSPIRATION DAY. What did such an all-day workshop contain?

FLASH MOB is a fun event where a group of people “secretly” gather in a pre-arranged public place and perform unexpectedly. Whether it’s dancing, singing, or playing musical instruments.

Your joy with Hula Hoop

Many thanks to Martinka for a well-executed program with Hula Hoop hoops.

Not only did she show us beautiful graceful movements, but above all, she "pulled" us into a common wave with the hoop. Not only movement and dancing were enthusiastically received by all participants, but also the opportunity to try out the individual creations. Because which of us has Hula Hoop at home and is willing to just curl up without family notes?
Věrka, 57 years
Thanks to circling at the waist, I lost weight, strengthened my waist and generally feel much better. I was surprised that hooping can have that effect.

Martina is a great hooping teacher and with her example she can pull even stubborn opponents of movement to play.
Barča, 27 years
Dancing with a hoop gave me a new dimension of myself as a woman. A whole new energy awakens in me, which always elevates me to the soul. Thank you Martinka.
Eva, 46 years
Hula hoop is a way of life for me. It helps me show myself in my femininity and enjoy movement. It's a very women's sport!
Jana, 35 years