Who is HoopLady Martina?

Certified dance teacher, Hula Hoop Dance teacher, dancer and a woman who can enjoy life :).

My journey through the world of Hula hoop

I have loved dancing since childhood. During elementary school, I went to ZUŠ to dance stage dance, folklore and ballet. I later traded it for more adult lessons like Ladies Latino, Fit Dance and dance yoga. But I didn’t last long, because the emphasis was on technique and choreography. I lacked freedom, playfulness and spontaneity there.

In 2014, I discovered HOOPING – dancing and exercising with hoops. It was love at first sight. At that time, my career was more important. I was overwhelmed by work responsibilities and forgot myself and the hoop. Over time, mental exhaustion came and I began to realize that the joy of my life was running out.

Martina s obruci
Martina s obrucemi

I gradually slowed down the pace of life and returned to dancing. I fulfilled my childhood dream (to be a dance teacher) and in 2018 I completed a retraining course in a dance teacher. I also dusted the hoop, which was waiting for me all the time leaning in the corner of the room…

I started to realize that I shouldn’t keep the joy of Hula Hoop only to myself. I met people who didn’t know Hula Hoop at all or thought it was a toy for children. This motivated me to take hooping lessons, which helped me to create my own lesson plan, how I can pass on my skills and knowledge in a comprehensive form to others.

Martina s vejiry

I used to see Hula hoop as a way of femininity, because it has huge benefits for the female body (it perfuses the pelvic floor, where female energy resides). But now I feel it was just dogma.


I enjoy spreading hooping awareness and opening the gates to a world of playfulness and the joy of movement.

In addition to Hula Hoop, I like to dance with silk fans.

Martina s vejiry